I took some pictures of the garden today to share. This garden was already set up in the backyard when we bought the house. We added some compost that we got for free from the city of Round Rock, but other than that did nothing to the dirt. I hope to do more to prepare the soil for the coming spring.

These are the tomato plants I bought from Walmart. The back one is “Better Bush” and the front one is “Bush Goliath.” They don’t seem to be growing very fast, and we still need to buy cages for them to keep the tomatoes off the ground once they grow.

These are the bell pepper plants that I started from seed a few months ago. I am going to transplant them into the garden soon!

One of the bell pepper plants has a leaf that looks like it was supposed to be two but merged into one!

These are the onions I planted. We got a pack from Walmart for around two dollars that had a whole bunch of them, and I just stuck them right in the ground.

These are the garlic that I planted a few weeks ago. They have grown so incredibly fast; without a doubt these will be the first thing to be harvested.

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I planted some lettuce seeds back when I planted the rest, but they never sprouted. When I transplant the bell peppers, I will plant more seeds and also start some in pots in the house to see if the temperature is what is preventing them from growing. I am also going to plant some red potatoes. It is so neat that you can just cut up a potato, put the pieces with the eyes in the ground, and it grows more potatoes. I can’t wait to eat them!