I’ve been wondering for a while what is going on with my rose bushes out front. The last owner of the house planted them just before putting the house on the market, so they are only about 4 months old. The one on right right side of the garage is nice and full, and the flowers are beautiful!

The one on the left side, however, not so much. Some of the leaves are turning brown near the bottom of the plant, and it just hasn’t had much growth at all. I noticed when it poured a week or so ago that it bloomed again, so I have been watering it every day to see if that helps, and it has a bit of new growth but it is still slow. I wondered if being inbetween sidewalk, a driveway, and the house meant that it wasn’t getting enough water. I have also fertilized with some Miracle-Gro pellets that time-release fertlizer for up to three months, and some of the pellets are still there. But then, when it bloomed again, I noticed something – it’s a different variety of rose all together!

These are the blooms on the right side – round and different colors of pink.

On the left, the petals are much more pointed. I haven’t done my research yet, but maybe this variety doesn’t do as well in Texas weather and/or soil. If so, maybe I should swap it out with one of the other kind so that it can catch up in size. Anyone have any ideas?

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