Today I cut three sprigs of rosemary from a plant on campus (there are a ton of HUGE plants on campus!), and I am trying to grow my own rosemary plant to put either in the garden or as a hanging plant (I haven’t decided which yet). I researched online how to start a plant from a sprig, and most pages said to plant it after putting a solution on the end that would help roots grow. I don’t have that solution, and don’t want to pay for it if I don’t have to, so I am trying two of the sprigs it without it. We’ll see if these grow roots.

Another web page said to just put it in a cup of water and after a few weeks you will see roots growing, and then you can plant it. I thought I would try that with one of the sprig. With any luck, one of the three will root and we will have a nice big rosemary plant to go with the red potatoes I planted in the garden last week. Yum!

Last week I planted some lettuce seeds both outside in the garden and in some pots inside. The seeds that I planted in the pots have sprouted! Well, four out of five, which is pretty good. The front two are already a few inches tall, and today I had the wonderful idea of putting them outside so they would get more sun. Of course, it poured today, and now I’m hoping that I didn’t drown them. I guess I’ll find out in a few days. I’m hoping to have lettuce to serve for salads for Thanksgiving (my parents are coming down), and my gardening books say it can be harvested in 25-70 days, so let’s hope for the earlier end of the range!

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