Thank you thank you thank you Beth! Beth gave me her old sewing machine and I got it up and running this weekend. I went to JoAnn Fabrics on Friday morning to get my startup tools; I got everything I needed plus 7 patterns for only $30! Thank goodness for sales (50% off everything, 99 cent patterns) and a 20% off coupon. My first project – napkins! I’ve been wanting cloth napkins for a while; who wants to keep buying napkins every month? I found a nice tan fabric (Mom, what kind was it again?) that doesn’t wrinkle, doesn’t have a front or back side, and is great for everyday napkins. I ended up getting 6 napkins out of a yard (three 18″ and three 15″). The first few lines ended up a little wiggly (haha) but sewing definitely came back to me quickly. Guess it’s like riding a bike. I’m really excited about all the different projects I can do now.

One of the first will be more napkins, and hopefully a table runner. I found this deep red/maroon fabric on clearance at JoAnn fabrics for $2/yard, and it also doesn’t wrinkle or have a front/back. This will be our first holiday table linens, and Brian even likes the colors and fabrics!

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