The flowers on the tomato plants have fallen off and left little tomatoes! Yay! I wonder how long until they grow and are ripe….

The onions and garlic look great! I think I planted the onions too close to each other, but they seem to be doing alright anyway. The garlic looks like it will be ready in a few weeks.

Although the lettuce I planted indoors died, some that I planted into the garden is growing. It looks like I have 4 plants, and one of those just popped up this week, so maybe I’ll have even more. Looks like we might be able to have our own lettuce for a salad on Thanksgiving after all!

The bell pepper plants are getting close to having peppers too! This one had the first flower, and now the flower has fallen off and has left a tiny pepper (I guess, it’s really small!). The stalks of the plants are getting much thicker and stronger. I’m not sure if they will grow fast enough before it gets too cold, though.