After I planned out our garden for the spring, I realized that we are going to be able to start planting some vegetables in the next few weeks. Because of that, we need to get the soil ready in the garden! Since it got cold, I haven’t done anything to it, and it is completely overrun by weeds. We went to a nursery in Round Rock and were advised to cover the dirt with black garbage bags to kill the weeds and their seeds, so we did that today, but we had to pull out everything that was in the garden. The onions were larger now than at Thanksgiving, but still didn’t grow big bulbs. I think that part of the problem was that I planted them too close together. For the spring, I will plant them further apart.

Our garlic didn’t turn out too bad! One of them rivals the size of grocery store garlic. The others are a bit small, but they were so easy to grow that I will definitely do these again next fall. Garlic turned out to be a very low-maintenance crop!

Some of the garlic plants had what looked like a second bulb growing above the first bulb. Has anyone seen this before?

I washed and cleaned up the garlic and onions, and here is what they looked like afterwards. Nice and clean and ready to eat!

I also cut off what was left of the bibb lettuce and had a salad with dinner.

Before we covered the garden with plastic bags, I transplanted the lettuce plants into pots indoors to see if they can make it until the spring. They haven’t had a single problem growing in the cold, so maybe I’ll get to plant these outside again in a few weeks!

I’m pretty excited about gardening in the spring; I have so many different vegetables planned! I bought some seeds online that should be getting here soon, and we are working on getting the soil into good shape, adding compost and mulch and whatnot, so hopefully this spring and summer we will have a large yield.