Beth passed on a great article from Green Daily about DIY seedling pots. I love the idea of making little seedling pots out of newspaper. Then when it comes time to put them in the garden, you can stick the whole pot right in the ground! Brian helped me make a bunch yesterday so that I could attempt to not kill more seedlings.

Didn’t they turn out great? I love the flags with masking tape and a toothpick; Brian made those. I put the pots in pie pans so that I can put water in the bottom and they can soak up water from the bottom. Does anyone have ideas on how much to water? I put enough so that the newspaper is wet all the way to the top. When I tried growing seedlings a month ago, I overwatered and they all died. :( I’m hoping the bottom watering will help me not kill them. Hopefully this will go well, and we can start our garden in a few weeks!

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