When I got back into town on Saturday my husband brought some beautiful red roses to the airport. Yay for flowers! Most of the seedlings that I had planted a few weeks ago didn’t survive (though it was nothing my husband did or didn’t do!). I had once again overwatered them, and the newspaper had mold on it before I left, and everything that had come up other than the green bean plants collapsed.

So we went to some stores and bought some plants! I realized that the cost of one plant ($1-$3 depending on size) is much less than buying vegetables all summer at the grocery store, so even though the seeds didn’t work out, it was still in our interest to buy plants. The tall ones on the left are our green beans; I’m not sure if they are supposed to be that tall with the only leaves at the top, so hopefully I didn’t overwater them too much also. We bought peas, bell peppers, jalepenos, banana peppers, tomatoes, onions, and mint. I’m going to read up tomorrow more on seedlings and see if I can’t try again with the rest of the veggies and herbs I want in the garden. I think I’ll try direct seeding at the same time and see if I can’t get one of the two to work. I’ll be planting tomorrow morning, so I’m really excited to see everything out in the garden and to get them growing. And the most exciting development…..

Our peach tree is flowering! For some reason I never knew that the flowers on peach trees were pink, but when I saw them, I actually gasped in excitement. :) Aren’t they gorgeous? And to think that there will be peaches on the tree in a few months!

I absolutely love the colors in the flowers.

I think I’m going to watch for free photo printing and frame some pictures of them, especially once more have opened up. Now I just need to learn how to take good pictures…..