My craft area has been undergoing a bit of a makeover and I thought I’d share! Previously my supplies were only on the top two shelves of a bookcase. Now I have a little bookcase on each side of my free sewing desk that are the perfect height for me to store items on top. I plan to paint these white sometime in the future. I bought some fun-colored plastic bins from Walmart (on the right shelf) for storing scraps, but they are too big for the bookcases, so I’m going to take them back and sew my own bins (much cheaper!). I’m also using some free Easter baskets that I got from CVS (and one extra from a friend) that I cut off the handles from; I’ll also paint these white soon. My wonderful husband installed the shelves on the wall. We had a bit of an issue with where the studs are in the wall, but we ended up deciding to put them above the desk, and we used leftover wood from some closet shelves we had to install when we moved into our house. The total cost of the shelving was less than $5!

Future plans (other than painting the bookshelves and baskets) include fabric baskets for the scraps, a corkboard or something similar above the sewing desk, painting the walls, and yes, someday getting new blinds. (I cannot wait for that day to come!) To the right of the picture is a small closet, so I’m not sure what to do with the extra space on the wall there. I can’t put anything that sticks out far from the wall. Any suggestions?