Ok, so I didn’t actually do this sewing on Saturday, but let’s pretend, because “Saturday Sewing” sounds much better than “Tuesday Sewing.” The pillows above came with the couch that is downstairs, and matched the couch – beige, frumpy, and not attractive at all. I knew I wanted to cover them with something, and they finally got on my nerves enough that I did it. I LOVE the fabric I chose from my stash; I think it looks perfect! And to think it only took 20 minutes. Should have done it a long time ago. Now I’m ready to do the pillows downstairs. By the way, I went to Ikea this weekend and found (a) some fabric boxes to put my scraps in, (b) a bulletin board for $5, and (c) a wooden frame for covering with fabric (also $5). Now I just need to figure out how to cover the bulletin board and make a run to JoAnns for the fabric for the frame. I’m so excited!

I also sewed up a business card holder for my mom for Mother’s Day. For some reason the back ended up wider than the front, so I’m going to make her a second one to replace this one, but I hope you like it, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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