Last week was not only my husband’s birthday but also a friend at school’s birthday as well. I asked her to look through my free patterns list to see if there was anything she liked, and she requested a laptop sleeve out of a geometric print. She’s not a fan of pink, which seems to be the overwhelming color in my stash, but I found this great blue and green dot print at Hobby Lobby that I thought was perfect. I used this laptop sleeve tutorial by Oh, Frannson! for Sew, Mama, Sew!, and it turned out really well. I had no idea what to expect since this was my first time using fusible fleece, but it’s a lot sturdier than I would have imagined I could make at home. Yay! I really liked the pattern and would definitely recommend it. She’ll get to try it out today and make sure it fits (fingers crossed). (Edit: It fits perfectly.) Happy Birthday, Andrea! And I got to use my walking foot for the first time. That thing is loud. But it sure does work. :)

And in other news, remember the Sew, Mama, Sew! giveaway day?

I won!

I actually won two (I know, crazy!) but they were both from blogs overseas, so I just now got the first one in the mail yesterday. This giveaway was ran by Lisa of The Princess & the Monkey, located in Australia. The wrapping was too cute.

And the clutch is even cuter. I really love the embroidery in the bottom corner that mirrors the pattern in the print. Thanks, Lisa! I love it!