Amanda planned a Ladies’ Sewcial last Saturday, and it was so much fun. We all got together (Amanda, Beth, Ellie, and others; sorry if I don’t know you have a blog! Let me know if you do!) and sewed for six hours straight. It definitely is more fun sewing with other ladies than by myself!

I was slightly (ok, majorly) overambitious with my projects that I brought to work on. Out of the five that I brought (make that eight if you include multiples), I didn’t even finish the first one! I didn’t realize that sewing the strips for my quilt would take six hours. That being said, I’m very glad that we had the Sewcial so that I could get it done without getting bored and stopping. It is somewhat monotonous to sew the same thing straight for so long. I finished sewing the strips together and pressed them (the first part of week three of the quilt-along).

Then, once I got home, I planned to cut them into blocks, but I got majorly sick and didn’t feel up to it until today. Cutting them was interesting because my mat is 12″ by 18″, and I have 12.5″ blocks. But I got it figured out. Now I have 42 12.5″ by 12.5″ blocks and 14 3″ by 12.5″ strips left over. Maybe I’ll use them on the back, or maybe for something else, like a matching pillow. I have some extra strips that I didn’t make into blocks because I knew I would have a strange number (three extra blocks doesn’t do me any good on the quilt), so I have that to think about too. Who knew there were so many options?

Week four of the quilt-along has me stitch together the quilt top. I am quite intimidated of this because I know how big it is going to end up. Huge. Eek. Good thing I’m too exhausted to start today. Maybe tomorrow.