Okay, okay. I finally did it. I joined PaperBack Swap. And everyone was right; it’s addicting. I’ve already gotten three books in the mail and have four more on the way. For those who are new to PaperBack Swap, it’s a fun and cheap way to swap your books that you don’t want anymore for books that you do want. All you pay is shipping when one of your books is requested; you then get a credit and can ask to get a book of your choice shipped to you. Fun, right? Shipping is via media mail, so in effect you pay about $3 for each new book you get. Not bad, considering how expensive books are, and Ellie has even gotten textbooks this way. (I’ve got some on my wish list!) Hardback books count as two credits, as do audio books. (Edit: Just audio books!) You can even buy credits if you don’t have any books to send! Another perk is the two credits you get for posting your first ten books. That’s two books for free! If you decide to sign up after reading this post, please list me as the person who referred you (jenniferworthen) and I’ll get a free credit when you post ten books to swap. (And just fyi, you can’t refer people in your own household. I tried referring my husband, but no luck.) Happy swapping!