Well, there’s good news and bad news. Some of the garden did not like the 68 days of 100°+ weather we had here in Texas. Some of the garden is doing just fine, though! I guess I’m learning what can and can’t tolerate the heat.


The basil is growing like crazy, trying to escape the metal fencing around the garden. I’m thinking maybe I need to make some pesto. Does pesto freeze well? And did you know you are supposed to be cut off the flowers on the basil so that it grows more leaves? Oops.


I had planted herbs a long time ago and nothing came up other than some cilantro that promptly fried. But now I have this green plant coming up that smells herb-y. I really should know my herbs better. I’m guessing oregano?


The tomatoes are long gone. These will be pulled out soon.


Along with the zucchini (already gone) and the cucumbers. All dead. But they were lovely while they lasted. I’m definitely going to try for more squash next spring. That was my favorite!

Green Beans

The million green bean plants I planted a while back are green but most of the beans are fried. Guess they don’t like the heat much either.


The peppers, however, are very happy. Definitely a keeper for next year, though I might not grow so many banana peppers.

Jalapenos Banana Peppers(3)

I recently harvested enough jalapeños for 10 more jars of jelly, and 57 banana peppers for pickling. I left these ones on pretty long, so most were red by the time I got them off. And now there are more red ones already! I can’t keep up!


And the rosemary is very happy. Just a little water every once in a while has been more than enough to keep it going. It hasn’t grown to fill the pot, which worries me slightly, but I’m happy to have it still alive.

So, I introduce to you my Fall Garden Plan. It includes keeping what’s still alive, along with adding carrots, onions, peas, 4 types of lettuce, spinach, and garlic. The temperature is in the 90s here, which means fall has arrived. :) I’ll be seed shopping this week and hopefully plant them this weekend!