I had quite a fun and busy weekend over Labor Day, which included:

some painting on walls (thank you to my mom, dad, and brother for helping),

and on some picture frames. (Yes, I know there is nothing in them. I’m going to wait and see if I can’t get some free 8×10 prints of my peach tree pictures that I took in the spring.)

Some really amazing food,

and the sewing of some quick curtains. The blinds that we took down to paint the stairwell apparently were always too big for the window and wouldn’t go back in without putting a hole in the drywall. But they were ugly, pastel, vertical blinds. So I’m not sad to see them go. If only that light had been broken also….

Lastly, some additions to my craft wall: a bulletin board (which will be covered in fabric eventually), a thread rack (which will be painted in the future), and a fabric-covered frame. Lookin’ good.

It feels great to have gotten so much done. If only every weekend was this productive!