Sorry about the lack of posting recently. School has been really busy, which limits my free time to do sewing and crafting. I did get a little in last week for my friend Danielle’s baby shower. She’s having a little baby boy soon, so I sewed up some goodies for her and baby.

Denim Bibs 1

My friend Katie pointed me to this denim bib tutorial, and I fell in love. How adorable are these things?

Denim Bibs 2

And I love how they are reversible. It’s like having two bibs in one!

Denim Bibs 4

Best of all, I’ve found a really great way to use these adorable ribbons I’ve been slowly collecting.

Denim Bibs 5

I just KNEW I would find a use for them. (Ok, maybe I just bought them because they were cute. But it paid off, didn’t it?)

Monkey Blanket 2

I also sewed up a little monkey swaddling blanket. How great is this stitching? I think my favorite part of sewing blankets is the fun stitches you can use for the top-stitching.

Wonky Log Cabin Strips 2

Last night I finally cut the strips for my mom’s non-wonky log cabin quilt. It’s going to be a Christmas quilt! Yay! We had bought most of this fabric on clearance last year, so it’s fun to see it made into something.

Wonky Log Cabin Strips 3

This is going to be a fun quilt. I can’t wait to start sewing the blocks!