Earring Display 4

I’m the kind of person that if I can’t see the jewelry I own, I forget it’s there. I’ve wanted to have my earrings displayed for a while now, but I never got around to it until yesterday. My jumble of mixed up earrings finally drove me crazy enough, so I looked around online for a while, and stumbled upon this tutorial. (Doesn’t she have the cutest earrings, too?)

Earring Display 3

I  used the frames I painted last Labor Day weekend. This project was incredibly easy; take out the glass and backing, cut the plastic canvas to size, hot glue in back. Done. I hammered in a small hammer sawtooth into each (picture hanger thingamabobs) since the old hangers were in the backings that I took out.

Earring Display 2

I filled up one with earrings, though I couldn’t put any hoops on it. I want to use the other for necklaces, but I ran into the same problem as I did with the hoops – no good way to string them through the canvas. I need an idea for little posts to stick into the canvas so that I can hang things from the front. Any ideas?