One of our local quilt shops has a long-arm quilting machine that you can rent for only $15 an hour. I took their lesson on how to use it a few weeks ago, and let me tell you. Amazing. I started out with some stippling,


attempted some flowers,

Pebble Quilting

some pebble quilting (and some terrible tulips, sorry you had to see that),

Flowers 2

some more flowers that I couldn’t keep up (my hands didn’t work at the same speed as my brain),

Wave Quliting 1

and then this sort of happened. Waves upon waves upon waves. Isn’t it neat?

Wave Quilting 2

It even looks a little like flames if you look at it the other way. This quilting is going to be so much faster than using my little machine at home. I can’t wait to do an actual quilt on it! For those that are local, the store is The Sewing Station. I highly recommend checking it out!


The only other project I managed to finish recently is a sling I made for a friend who just had a baby boy. She picked out her fabric (yay for customizing gifts!), and I used this tutorial from think liz, which was super easy to follow. Congratulations, Brooke! I hope you like it!