Sewcial 1

Some wonderful ladies and I got together on Saturday for another Sewcial. It’s always fun to sew with other people!

Purse, Side 1

I finally got around to sewing myself a new purse, and I am so glad I did! I am totally in love with this bag. I bought some of Amy Butler’s Love line without a specific plan for it, and I think this worked out perfectly. I used this tutorial by verypurpleperson, which was very easy to follow. And the best thing is…

Purse, Side 2

it’s reversible! I just realized that I put the print sideways on the blue side. Oops. Good think you only see one side at a time! I only had half a yard of the blue print, and I had to piece it together a bit to make it work, but I think I hid it pretty well. I have a feeling this is a pattern I’ll be coming back to in the future.

Christmas Card Holder    
I also nearly finished a Christmas card holder, made from a McCall’s pattern I bought a very long time ago and never got around to making. It’s pretty cute!


All I’m missing are the paperclips for the cards to hang from. Speaking of which, if anyone sees red, green, and white large paperclips that aren’t in a huge $10 mix, let me know! I only need 28, and I think it would be rather silly to spend $10 to get 28 paperclips. :) I’ve had trouble finding them, but I know they’re out there somewhere.