Garden Bed 2 
Doesn’t it look great? The second bed is planted as much as it can be at the moment. I have thirteen tomato plants and 5 bell pepper plants in it right now. I’m waiting for the squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins to get a little bigger before I bring them out. I also have three more tomato and three more bell pepper plants that need some more growing. Now we have to get some sort of support in there for everything, especially since I’m doing square foot gardening – everything has to grow up! I’m going to do this style of support for everything; I found some cheap wire fencing at Home Depot, so I just need to find some free bamboo.
1. Black Krim Flower, 2. Squash & Cucumbers, 3. Jalapenos, 4. Boxwood Basil, 5. Tomatoes, 6. Potted Jalapenos 
One of the tomato plants that I transplanted is already flowering. Woohoo! Grow little plants, grow!