New Garden Bed
So far, so good. The second garden bed is weeded and full of dirt. Next up is putting in the soaker hose, and then I’ll get to start planting.
Indoor Seeds

This is what our seed station looks like right now. Lots and lots of plants growing (some are Sarah’s). This is by far my most successful time seed starting ever, so I’m pretty excited.

Indoor Seedlings

1. General Lee Cucumber, 2. Purple Beauty Bell Pepper, 3. Cherokee Purple Tomato, 4. Canteloupe, 5. Emerald Giant Bell Pepper, 6. Pumpkin, 7. Ananas Noir Tomato, 8. Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber, 9. Red Bell Pepper, 10. Royal Chico Tomato, 11. Hazelfield Tomato, 12. Basil, 13. Green Grape Tomato, 14. Poona Kheera Cucumber, 15. Poona Kheera Cucumber
Everything that sprouted has grown extremely well. I’ve definitely learned the hard way that a windowsill is not enough light. (Those grew too leggy and all died.) Shop lights do the trick!