Spring Seedlings
1. Cilantro, 2. Carrots, 3. Peach Blossoms, 4. Pear Blossoms, 5. Pear Blossoms, 6. Lettuce, 7. Spinach, 8. Spinach, 9. Peas

It’s spring break! And that means it’s time to start the spring garden. Woohoo! The seeds I planted back in mid-January are growing after the bit of snow we had in February. The peas are doing especially well. The peach and pear trees we planted last year are flowering as well. I’m not sure how many fruits I’ll let them keep since they’re so young and need to concentrate on growing the trees themselves, but I doubt I’ll remove every single one. That would be no fun. :)

It’s going to be a busy week of gardening; I’ll be back once everything is planted to show you how it looks!