Lots of action in the garden right now. Mostly cucumbers and green beans, but the squash is starting to take off, and all of those green tomatoes are finally turning red. Something, possibly a bird, even got to one of them before I harvested it. At least I can save the seeds from that tomato!

And now for the bad news – the squash vine borers are out in full force. These things are so gross. I’ve dug a bug out of every single squash plant I have, and I’m not sure they are going to recover. We applied beneficial nematodes at the beginning of the season, and I wrapped foil around the base of the stems, but neither have helped at all. They’ve destroyed my squash plants every year, and I’m afraid they’re going to do it again. Does anyone have a good way to keep these out of the garden?

I’ve been tracking my harvests using MyFolia, but here are the numbers for the year so far:

3 Squash, 0.68 pounds
1 Bell Peppers
2 Jalapeños
Green Beans, 4.6 pounds
11 Cucumbers, 4.14 pounds
4 Tomatoes, 0.73 pounds
8 Carrots, 0.38 pounds
Lots of herbs and some lettuce

I can’t wait for next month; these numbers are going to skyrocket!