2011 Harvest by jenniferworthen
2011 Harvest, a photo by jenniferworthen on Flickr.

Overall, our gardening year went pretty well. Not everything went as expected (squash vine borers and a record-breaking hot summer), but we still got a pretty good harvest. It’s pretty clear what plants worked best for us:

Peas, 1.37 lb
Green Beans, 10.29 lb
4 Squash, 0.97 lb
43 Cucumbers, 15.2 lb
62 Tomatoes, 13.01 lb
21 Bell Peppers
25 Carrots
3 Jalapenos

I’ve got a bunch of seeds started for the spring already since our average last frost date is less than 8 weeks away. Hopefully we’ll have a cooler summer in 2012!