Lettuce by jenniferworthen
There’s a bit of action happening in the garden right now. The lettuce is growing like crazy, so much that I can’t keep up.
Spinach by jenniferworthen
The spinach is also huge and plentiful. Both of these were planted with my new method borrowed from my mom – sprinkle the whole packet on the ground and see what happens. Lettuce and spinach are surface-sown, so it worked out pretty great with zero effort. I can’t recommend it enough! You can see some of the lettuce seeds ended up in places I didn’t put them! I also have a surprise cilantro plant growing in the grass. Love it!
Strawberries by jenniferworthen
The strawberries that I bought last fall are still growing strong. I haven’t done any coverings during the few hard freezes that we had this winter, so I’m glad they were hardy enough to take it. Lots of little berries are popping up. I’m not trimming any runners in the hope that they’ll take over the entire garden bed. Who wouldn’t want all those strawberries?
Seedlings by jenniferworthen
The plants that I started from seed mid-January are also doing well. I love how they always seem extra green when they’re young. I’m hoping to get these in the ground this weekend!