TAST Weeks 9-10 by jenniferworthen
I’ve been a little slow on pictures, but I’m all caught up on my TAST stitching! Week 9 was couching, which turned out a lot more fun than it looked. It’s a really easy way to get a big impact! Week 10 was the running stitch, which of course I always love. Simple and clean.
TAST Weeks 11-12 by jenniferworthen
Week 11 was the whipped wheel, which I had never heard of before. It’s pretty fun to make, and they look like starfish! Week 12 was the alternating barred chain stitch, which is a variation on the regular chain stitch we did in week 8.
TAST Weeks 1-12 by jenniferworthen
And here are weeks 1 through 12 all together. The colors of the color wheel will get lighter as I move away from the center, which should create a pretty cool effect.