Japanese Black Trifele Tomato by jenniferworthen
Lots of action in the garden right now. This Japanese Black Trifele tomato was the first one I saw in the garden. I thought this plant won the “first tomato of the season” award…
Royal Chico Tomatoes by jenniferworthen
until a couple of days later, I saw these Royal Chico tomatoes…
Isis Candy Tomatoes by jenniferworthen
and these Isis Candy tomatoes…
Yellow Pear Tomatoes by jenniferworthen
and these Yellow Pear tomatoes! Four of ten plants already fruiting. If I had to guess which one fruited first, I’d say the Royal Chico because of the size of the tomato. But the other three aren’t far behind, and the six that aren’t fruiting yet are flowering, so they don’t have much longer.
Spacemaster Cucumber by jenniferworthen
My Spacemaster cucumber wanted to join in on the fun. All 5 cucumber plants have been flowering and growing like crazy, so it would appear that we’ll be up to our elbows in cucumbers soon!