I’ve been in denial, guys. I haven’t been happy with my Farmer’s Wife blocks in quite a while. I expected to like the reproduction prints a lot more than I actually did, but I kept plugging on. And on. And on. They haven’t grown on me yet, and it’s been nine months. I couldn’t let myself continue on and make 111+ blocks and end up with a quilt top that I didn’t like. So, I’ve started over.
1. FWQA Block 1 – Attic Windows, 2. FWQA Block 2 – Autumn Tints, 3. FWQA Block 3 – Basket, 4. FWQA Block 4 – Basket Weave, 5. FWQA Block 5 – Bat Wing, 6. FWQA Block 6 – Big Dipper

And now these, I LOVE. I mean, seriously. Red, grey, green, aqua, and white? Little kids running around, trees, squirrels, turtles, and apples? Love. This is already so cheery and wonderful, and I’ve only done six blocks! The line is Little Apples by Aneela Hoey, and I had a bunch already in my stash, so I didn’t even have to buy anything for my reboot. Hopefully you’ll see many more blocks now that I’m excited about them again. And don’t worry, the old blocks won’t go to waste. I’m mulling over some ideas for them!