In A Jiffy by jenniferworthen
Last December my mother-in-law asked for a quilt in pinks and purples for Christmas. She had no preference for the pattern, so I ended up picking In A Jiffy. I also went with solids instead of prints. I have a hard time choosing prints for other people, but solids are loved by all, and I’ve always wanted to do a solids quilt, so why not kill two birds with one stone!
In A Jiffy::Quilting by jenniferworthen
This is also the first time I quilted two different patterns in one quilt. I did some straight line quilting along the white pieces on the interior, and stippling on the outer border. The light quilting in the middle kept it nice and fluffy.
In A Jiffy::Back by jenniferworthen
The back turned out pretty neat (unintentionally), too – a series of diamonds! I am pleased to report that she loves her new quilt!