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Hi everyone! I have a fun little surprise for you. In addition to the main Cordate quilt pattern that I put together, I also have made a mini version of it!

This mini is made of up four small heart blocks, along with some sashing and a border. It’s a very quick finish, and you get to learn my fun new way of assembling hearts while you’re at it! No special tools are required – just your normal ruler and a marking pen of some sort.

The Cordate Mini quilt pattern can be found in my shop. Please tag your quilt with the hashtag #cordatequilt so that we can all see your fun version!

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  1. I am doing the 2021 Quilting Summit and when you say you can get a free download of pattern used eg today it is the .cordate mini hearts pattern there is nowhere on the Etsy site that you mentioned that I can download it. Consequently I have not done the class! Perhaps I am doing something wrong but how does Etsy know I am subscribed to the Quilting Summit and for future classes how do I get the free patterns that everyone talks about!!

    1. Hi Sandy, the link for the free pattern is on the Quilting Summit site. Please let me know if you cannot find it!

      1. unable to find the download; can you direct me to the link. Just getting into quilting and this looks easy to try.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am watching your session on mini heart quilt in the 2021 quilting summit and I can not find your pattern for this class. Can you please send it to me? It will be too late to do while I’m watching it but it’s tough to do when don’t have the pattern. But I will try to take notes and maybe it’ll help when I get the pattern. I checked on the quilting summit page and did not find it.
    Thank you in advance.
    Von Meyer

    1. Hi Von, the pattern can be found on the same page as the video. Just scroll down and click on class materials. Thanks!

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