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Hi everyone! Did you know that in a past life, I had a bias tape shop on Etsy? It’s actually where the name Slightly Biased came from!

Bias tape has a ton of uses, and is pretty easy to make, too! Bias tape comes in a lot of sizes, and there are two types: Single Fold and Double Fold. Both are made with strips of fabric that are cut on the bias, i.e. cut diagonally from the fabric. This allows the fabric to be able to curve very easily for applications like curved edges or bias tape applique.

Single fold is folded once into the middle as shown above (bottom pink-purple piece). Double fold takes Single Fold one extra step by folding in half longwise (top purple piece). Below is a table with the most popular sizes of single and double fold bias tape.

Bias Tape Maker SizeSingle FoldDouble FoldStrip Width

Cutting strips of fabric on the bias can be a bit of a pain, but there is a fun way to make it easier called Continuous Bias Tape!

Once your strips are cut, you can fold and press the strips by hand, or you can use a tool to speed up the process. There are a few types of bias tape makers on the market, but my absolute favorite is the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. It’s definitely an investment, but if you make bias tape or quilt binding regularly, it’s worth it! Here’s a quick video of me making some 1/2″ Single Fold bias tape using my machine:

Have you made bias tape before? What projects have you used bias tape on?

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