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Quilting is not just a hobby – it’s a passion that fills our hearts and homes with warmth and creativity. But in the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding time for uninterrupted sewing can sometimes feel like a distant dream. So, how do we carve out those precious moments to indulge in our love for quilting? I have a couple of strategies to share for quilting amidst our busy schedules.

My number one tip is to recognize quilting as a form of self-care. As adults, we rarely find opportunities to play and be creative. Prioritizing quilting as a part of our self-care routine just like we schedule time for exercise or relaxation can significantly impact our overall well-being. Whether it’s early mornings before the world awakens, or late nights when everything else fades into silence, identify pockets of time that work best for you and guard them zealously. 

Find pockets of time that work for you. You know the ones where we somehow get lost in the scroll on our phones and suddenly 30-45 minutes have gone by? It’s like a black hole of time, and I would much rather be sewing than sucked into that. I recently started using the app Clockify to track my time for informational purposes, and it’s really helping me be more intentional with my time. Sneaking in some quilting time with lunch is a great way to make a little progress daily. I’ll grab a quick bite to eat, put my favorite podcast (or some Taylor Swift!) in my ear buds and grab a stack of half square triangles or strips to piece. This also works well after the kids go to bed. Depending on how old your kids are and what time they go to bed, you could potentially get a 1-2 hour block of sewing time.

You can also use habits you already have and stack it with your nightly routine. Consider blending sewing with other tasks. For instance, listening to soothing music or an inspiring podcast while quilting can transform your evenings. Think of how fulfilling it could be to get ready for bed and do some sewing in your pjs!

Another way to maximize your quilting time is to prepare materials in advance. Organizing our workspace efficiently and breaking down projects into manageable tasks can help us maximize productivity during our quilting sessions. By eliminating unnecessary distractions and focusing on the task at hand, we can achieve more in less time. Keeping a project tracker is a great way to pick up where you left off. Check out my freebie quilt project planner sheets here!

Never underestimate the power of delegation and collaboration. Enlisting the help of family members or friends to tackle household chores or childcare responsibilities can free up valuable quilting time. Sharing the mental and physical load of life can really help free up your mind and schedule to get into a flow creative state. I personally don’t go at it alone. Between my blog, job, and family, I have people to help. I utilize tech editors, a sample maker, ghostwriters, a handyman, and even housekeepers. There is no way I could get everything done on my own!

Making time for quilting is not just about carving out hours on a clock. It’s also about cultivating a mindset that prioritizes creativity, self-expression, and joy. By weaving quilting into the fabric of our lives, we can stitch together moments of tranquility and inspiration, one quilt at a time.

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