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Cacti and sand dunes are the usual suspects when it comes to depicting deserts on fabric, but what about the unexpected beauty of a lone palm tree swaying against a backdrop of scorching sun and endless sky? Palm trees can add a touch of whimsy and a welcome pop of green to your desert-themed quilt. This free quilt block pattern is a breeze to assemble and perfect for quilters of all skill levels. So, grab your favorite fabrics and get ready to create a little oasis in your sewing space!

This block is beginner-friendly, and is also traditionally pieced!

This palm tree block can be used to create a stunning quilt top, a beachy throw pillow, or even a cute tote bag. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

Ready to get stitching?

I’m thrilled to share that the “Palm Tree” block pattern is completely free! Just click the link below to download the PDF with detailed instructions, diagrams, and material list.

You can find the free quilt block here!

I can’t wait to see what you create! The theme for this month’s Quilt Block Mania is Desert! You can find the other quilt blocks here:

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We hope you enjoy incorporating this fun and free seashell quilt block into your next quilting project. Cheers to creativity and happy quilting!

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