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Glam (the tester versions)

Happy Friday! I want to share the tester versions of Glam with you today! First up is Allison’s soft and pretty version! This is the baby size and is a […]

Glam (the Moda Bella one)

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Last week was the release of the Glam quilt pattern! This pattern is so fun to make, with its half square triangles, quarter square triangles, and […]

Starlit Night (the tester ones)

Hi everyone! It’s time for the tester round-up for Starlit Night! First up is Debbie’s gorgeous winter version, with a snowy tree background and a dark night sky! Elissa made […]

Starlit Night (the scrappy one)

Hi everyone! I recently released a new quilt pattern called Starlit Night! This pattern is a mix of trees from my Arboreal quilt pattern and some wonky stars from Vela. […]

Shake It Up (the tester ones)

Hi everyone! Here’s the tester roundup for the Shake It Up quilt. First up is Allison’s gorgeous version in all blues! I love how she kept the stands all the […]

Shake It Up (the Spark one)

Hi everyone, happy Thursday! Today is the day for the release of Shake It Up! This fun snow globe quilt is such a fun make! I’m so excited to share […]

Nest (the tester ones)

Happy Friday! Today I’m going to share with you the tester versions of the Nest pattern! Debbie hit hers out of the park with a Lap-size rainbow of brightly colored […]

Nest (the hole punch dot one)

Hi everyone! Today is the release day for Nest, a sweet and simple collection of homes, which includes a Lap size and a Baby size. These homes are nice and […]

Blocker (the tester ones)

Happy Friday! Last but not least are the tester versions of the new Blocker quilt pattern. First up is this adorable baby-sized Blocker quilt by Debbie. The prints she used […]