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Hi everyone! I’ve always wanted to make a heart quilt, especially every time Valentine’s Day comes around. They’re always so sweet, especially when they are all in pink.

True to form though, I had to make mine rainbow. Introducing Cordate, a intermediate beginner pattern that is scrap friendly and a lot of fun to make!

For this pattern, I figured out the quilt math for putting the hearts together in a new way (without the seam down the middle). This gives you a bit more of a larger rectangle so that larger prints can be used for the hearts. It’s a really fun way to put hearts together! I also made sure there was not a lot of fabric waste at the same time. All of that took quite a few tries to get right! For the reduced waste, triangles are used with some special tricks to get it all to work out. There are a lot of diagrams included to make sure it’s as clear as possible to sew.

I actually made two of these, the second being scrappy and entirely from Anna Maria Horner prints. Isn’t it so bright and cheery?

Did you know that Cordate means heart-shaped? With as many hearts as this quilt has (it’s a total of 54!), I thought Cordate would make for an excellent name for this quilt pattern.

My testers did an amazing job testing out the pattern. Here are their versions!

Anne Dawson
Amy Ackerman
Debbie Fraser
Jessica Wester

I hope you all enjoy the pattern as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can find Cordate in my shop. Please tag on Instagram as #cordatequilt so that I can see your gorgeous creations!

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