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Quilt Shows!

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to join a quilt show as a vendor. I’m so grateful that I was recommended to join, because it was So. Much. […]

Paper Patterns at Slightly Biased Quilts

Paper patterns are available in the shop! I worked up the courage to print some out in February, and haven’t been able to stop! I started with Arboreal and Biased… […]

Centrum (the tester versions)

Hi everyone! I have a bunch of fun tester versions of the Centrum quilt to show you today! This first one was done by Amy Ackerman, and isn’t her quilting […]

Luster (the tester ones)

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you the tester versions of the Luster quilt. First is a bright and cheery lap size version from Debbie (@deborahannquilts)! Isn’t it just […]

Exponential (the tarrytown one)

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m releasing my first free pattern called Exponential. It’s a really fast jelly roll quilt top where you get to slice and dice it up! […]

Luster (the alison glass one)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Last week I released the Luster quilt pattern, a fun star pattern with no flying geese (only half square triangles). This is the first in my star […]

Wavelet (the tester ones)

Hi everyone! I just have to share the wonderful versions of Wavelet that my testers cooked up. They are so lovely! First is an amazing queen size version from Debbie […]

Vertex (the rainbow kaleidoscope one)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is the release day for Vertex, a really fun half square triangle quilt with lots of sizes of HSTs! This is also the third of four […]